Sixty years ago our grandfather opened a small shop at the market

We were kids and the market was our playground. 

Now that we’re grown, a different game is being played.  

That is why we chose to come back, and bring back to the market our food-philosophy; patience, respect and care.

We shop close, everything you see comes from our neighbors.

With dawn we start; chopping, seasoning to taste, waiting patiently for the right moment.

high quality tahini, small chickpeas, virgin olive oil – that’s the base for a good hummus. After you’ve nailed that, it’s time to play around. 

You are invited to sit with us, take away, taste our homemade pickles made on the spot daily and ask us where we get our perfect hot chillys that we char on the grill. 

waiting to see you around
HaNamer crew.